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Well Versed in Deception

by Forstella Ford

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Ground Noise 03:38
I see so many people trying to free themselves from the tie that binds, but there's a cloud of confusion hovering above, and that's where the power lies. See, there's a fine line between what makes us happy and what makes feel we are confined. No one's out to destroy us, just to control us, but the results of the process are extraneous. Adjust to the taste of fear on your tongue restricting your voice to merely a whisper. Ground noise is all we are, and it's so easy (we're so easy) to ignore. If you don't listen now, rest assured you'll regret it. If you'll never achieve flight, just practice the crash land. Down on your knees now, your back to reprimand. Why bother with the solution when the problem's already at hand? There's a power in retribution we cannot easily withstand. If there's dirt on the finger, just cut off the hand.
We visit the stars, but just to claim them as ours. Because nothing is an accomplishment that doesn't make history or profit. Is it better to live like this than never to have lived at all? I've asked many a great person, but after all these years of searching, honestly I don't know. There's no explanation for this madness; I guess it's just all one big contest, and it's hard to accept second best. Yeah, all we want is to judge you, feel as though we are above you. So you do what you've got to do.
We are all adults here, aren't we? We're all well versed in deception. If I've only learned one thing, it's that these actions still cast no reflection; I can get away with anything. You can't anything seriously these days. Our lives are just sponges, soaked through and through with all of this regret and tension. It's over in an instant, but it's all right. I mean, who's got time for patience? It's not good for the body, not good for the mind, but it makes it easy to sleep at night. We're not all alone here, are we? Then there's something I should mention: if I only regret one thing tonight, I want it to be you. I don't care if it's right; reality's a distraction I don't need in my life. It's all give and take and take and take and take and take. It's easier to just to pretend. I think I'll follow blindly. I'm sorry you're hurting. Really, I'd saying, but my heart... it just up and died.
There's no use in pointing out what's already apparent, but everything comes to end that was ever to begin. When once bereft of hope and forced to make a choice, found a falling out was in order. To this I can attest: I feel better off without you. I'm better off without you. Here's a lifetime spent walking on thin ice. Here's to unspoken discontent. Here's to burying your head. Here's to a lifetime spent. Here's to goodbye; here's to never again. Everything comes to an end that was never to begin. Here's to goodbye; here's to never again.
You're running off your mouth; on the sweet sound of indiscretion. Welcome to the world this american transgression. Here's what it says to me: we'd save your life, but can't afford it. If you want to be safe, do exactly what we tell you. Walk hand in hand with our imaginary friend or face a darkness that never ends. Yeah, we want you to be frightened, what to keep you up at night, because if you do want you want to, our weakness comes to light. There's one part of you still left to sell. You should just stop thinking, because it hurts like hell. Just become one of the numbers. You won't have to try. Just agree that this is freedom and we'll all see eye-to-eye. So communities tune in to receive their daily dosage of life, the way "they" want it perceived. They've the privileged few and they know what's good for you. Now, back to our continuing coverage of the search that never ends. There's a scapegoat out there somewhere that we must befriend, then turn our backs on and gracefully ascend to a greatness not yet witnessed. One you shall not question, but accede to and so faithfully defend. That's the history of my country I'm not supposed to see. I'm ashamed to be an american, where nothing comes for free. We extend ourselves so quickly, just to look good on TV. Burn what once bridged the gap between rhetoric and reality. Who in the world would ever want that? There's one part of me I could never sell. I won't stop thinking, even when it hurts like hell. There's not always strength in numbers; sometimes numbers lie. Sometimes common sense is neglected when we turn a blind eye. What the world needs now is to wave goodbye to u.s. We still don't see it coming, but we've leaving, much faster than we came. Everybody welcome the ending of our time.
Deep Six 03:44
I think it's time I own up and admit this isn't me. Bet they wouldn't call it living if it was just that easy. I don't need a reason, I've got plenty. It's like lack of motivation that's grounding me. So get up, step out, and move on with your life. Lay waste to your fixations. Put it all out on the line. If these really are my glory days, I can't let them pass me by in some lonely drunken bitter haze. I've got the friends, I've got the love. I can make the time. Just stare these problems in the face and give them the old deep six. I may be feeling all in and wishing this wasn't me, but they wouldn't call it dying if it was a remedy. It comes in due season, but that doesn't scare me. It's this ongoing stagnation that is frightening. So wake up, get out, and move on with your life. As long as there's still some sensation, things will get better with time.
Momentum 05:18
Impulse 06:22


released September 23, 2003


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Forstella Ford Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Post-hardcore band from Milwaukee, active from 1996-2003, and then again for a bit in 2004-2005. During our time as a band we played over 450 shows in the US and Europe and released 4 full-length albums.

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